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Portable Induction Cooktop Reviews

I love cooking and I had a great experience of working with stoves for years. The only problem I faced with them was the cooking time and the quantity of heat generated. So, I planned to replace the stove and bought this portable induction cooktop to see

Portable Deep Fryers reveiws

A few thing are more satisfying than a home made deep fried chicken or steak. As far as deep frying is concerned, portability demands a substantial consideration. Portable deep fryers beat their large and heavy counterpart as they can easily be carried from one point of the

Philips Air Fryers Reviews

Philips is among the numerous producers of airfryers today. Depending on the specifications that you desire in an airfryer, Philip manufacture an array of models just to make sure your needs are catered for. These feature entail; the capacity, heating technology and hot air circulation and accessories

Best Oil Less Fryer Reviews

Cholesterol is worldwide health issue affecting millions every year. While food remains the most common source of energy, modern lifestyle have somehow changed the perception of food. From simply sufficing the needs as energy resource, it has transformed into much more complex structure. Nowadays, food is connected

Best Healthiest Deep Frying Oil Reviews

Currently, the market is flooded with hundreds of deep frying oil most of which pose health risks to the consumers. Therefore, after research, we have compiled a list of healthy deep frying oil. A few thing we put into consideration before compiling the list include; firstly, the

Countertop Deep Fryers

Countertop deep fryers are a becoming more of a common commodity in the food industry, and even in household kitchens as of recent years. From concession stands to restaurants, street food stalls to domestic kitchens – they have been catching on and gaining popularity. As far as

Commercial Propane Deep Fryer

With so much delight in outdoor activities coupled with gourmet delight, it has become a new enchantment to go out in the open and eat out something that you yourself have made. To deep fry a whole turkey and enjoy it in the open with your family

Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer Reviews

I am a foodie, who tries to defend weight, and then eat food counting calories. I like this big boss oil-less fryer, because it not only replaced my oven, but also helped me maintain my weight. I never liked cooking much, but this device has drawn me

Best Deep Fryers Reviews

Many deep fryer models exist, but finding the best deep fryer isn’t easy. This necessitates the need for a guide to finding the best deep fryers and a list of top-notch deep fryers. The first thing to consider is the capacity of the deep fryer. Depending on

Best Air Fryers Reviews

Looking for the best air fryers? Then go no further. Through technological advancement, these devices have been developed and are superb alternatives to the conventional deep fryers. With little oil on the food, the air fryer works more or less like a convection oven- circulating hot air.